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We really do help landowners to achieve up to 50% MORE value for their land!

Renegade Property Group has experience in all types of property development.

Through our years of experience we've noticed something about landowners getting the short end of the stick; you’re not being told that there are other options by the property experts you’re dealing with.
More often than not, landowners are unable to sell for the value they need.
You need maximum results without the headache of dealing with agents who just want their commission and don’t have your best interests at heart.

Landowners often end up stuck with under-performing assets and no one to help them.

Usually the real estate agent will tell you to sell and that this is the best deal you're going to get.

This means you either sell and lose or you hold onto the land with the hope of a better opportunity.

The agents aren’t exactly wrong when they encourage you to sell but they are dead wrong when they say it's the best deal you're going to get.

Holding onto the land is likely the best choice. It’s not enjoyable to sit on an asset that’s making you little to no money each month (it could even be costing you money with your bond etc.)
This is the precise situation we’re looking for!
We know our space and have the knowledge and experience to create 50% more value for landowners who are just like you!

As property developers we need land to develop!

As a landowner you need to sell your property for the maximum profit!

Every situation is unique so we want to make sure we can help you.
With our current co-development strategy, it's a WIN-WIN!
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Renegade Property Group was initially started as a vehicle to develop & build our own property portfolio, but we found that there was a common thread to a large percentage of our negotiations with landowners.

It was always the same question; "how can we, as landowners, make the money we need to make?'' This was something that nobody was addressing. It was a need… not a want.

It really got us asking some difficult questions, some more relevant than others. The crux is...

Why is everybody engrossed in conventional thinking? Buyers always squeezing for the lowest price, agents indicating a buyers’ market, just trying to close a deal and sellers needing as much money as they can get.

It's always the same story, no matter the year or the economic situation.

Going against the grain is the ethos of Renegade, and that's what we're doing every single day.

It's us making a success of our passion, together. We have always been a more team-oriented company, and we hope to be able to achieve great success with YOU!

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