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Learn how you can make more money out of your property by partnering with us. Or invest in one of our developments and make a great return. We also assist property developers in sourcing property deals that are aligned to their exact requirements
Ed Protheroe
Director/ Founder
About Renegade Property Group
Renegade Property Group are property developers specializing in partnerships with landowners (Co-Developments). 

We extract maximum value out of the land for the landowner
(approximately 50% more than market value) and in turn, we are able to manage our risk and our cash flow. 

We do this in a way that is responsible, open and transparent, making sure that we manage the risk properly with key decisions being made together, involving our partner/ investor at every turn.

We are able to develop any type of development with a keen interest  in residential and light industrial.
Our History
Started in the spirit of doing things differently, three experienced property entrepreneurs combined their skills to see how they could make more money for property owners, get better returns for investors and secure the best deals for property developers.

Our spirit is all about doing things differently and going against the grain. Not following the norm because it's easier and not challenging the status quo unnecessarily. 

ALL that we do is done in the pursuit of solution orientated, risk managed thinking, which results in transactions that are beneficial for all participating parties.
Let's face it, the old way of developing property doesn't work in the interest of all parties, so we’ve found a better way. Now we help everyone make more money in property, and we all have fun doing it! 

We have a combined experience in excess of 50 years in the property industry. We cover the full process; feasibility study, site acquisition, design, development management, sales, etc. (complete turnkey solution).

We have an extremely strong professional team offering excellent insight throughout the development process. We know the strength of a team and value everyone’s input, including our partners and investors.

Projects Currently Being Marketed
Renegade and API Property Group
Warehouse/ Commercial Units
Mopedi Rd | Sebenza | Edenvale
  • Perfect for start- up's and/ or small businesses
  • Close proximity to major highways and OR Tambo International Airport
  •  Practical space at really affordable prices
  •  Excellent security
  • Full back-up generator for entire development
  •  High speed open access fibre to all units
  •  3-Phase power supply with pre-paid electrical meters to all units
  •  Modern design with ample floor to ceiling height
For Investors:
Investors receive extremely healthy returns on a project by project basis. 

With our team, we structure deals that reach far beyond standard returns and have devised excellent ways in which to mitigate risk.

We are excellent at finding property deals that best suit our investor's requirements.

There are opportunities to invest in right now!
For Landowners
We really do help landowners make up to 50% more than market value for their property.

We've noticed that not every landowner is able to sell their property for the value they need.This is made worse in a “buyer’s market” and results in landowners becoming very frustrated. 

Whatever your reason for selling is, you need maximum results by extracting maximum value. 

This is what we do!
Landowners often end up stuck with an under-performing asset and no one to help them. These properties remain in the market for a long time whilst the owner waits for the right offer to come along, but it never does.They end up selling for much less than they would like. 

We are completely open with everything and truly see you as our partner. We share our feasibility study, market research, professional team and all the information we have concerning the potential new development.

And as our partner, we value your input. This co-development between Renegade and the landowner creates a very successful mutually beneficial relationship.
For Property Developers
We are able to source land which is perfectly suited to your exact requirements. Once we have met and understood your needs, we focus on finding what you are looking for.

We will find your property based on; the desired location, rights/ potential rights, size, price, etc. and any specific requirements or conditions you may have. We will help coordinate the process and assist where possible to get you the information you need.

We charge a reasonable fee and only get paid if the deal is successful. Payment is on the transfer of the property into the developer's name.

We are constantly looking for deals so if we find something that we know you will like, we will send it your way. We are deal makers, this is what we do!
For Business Owners and Property Investors

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